Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lo Viac Stolem Avarial

Begin trasnmunchiom

I cam to heer sumhow through hole in space (think called bluk hull). Fell tru saw manny strs and galaxies fly by. Time illusion and blur while fallll. Eventalli fuall floor. Enddedd heer. Swa signn fullowed burri cunfuzzlimgment. So followed nearly got ran ober bi ckar and no vun fund me so seep en streetz. Felines & dogges pass by take no attenttionn 2 io lo eye moon berri breit. Smell trash round me hattedd it. o cannot belieb vot hoomuns troway. Tirreed, sep.

Und trunsmotion

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dhis is the crypted machine heer tu announce das THIS IS MY PHIRST BLUG. I Understoondan iz not very gud, but tt hapenns tu be rather satasfactory to me. Very 1st blug entry, oh buy!Well, that's about the gist o